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“When I came to see you the first time, I was convinced that something other than menopause must be wrong with me. My energy level was non-existent, I was not sleeping, and my entire body just felt….dull! I read the literature you suggested and decided to give the bio-identical hormones a try. I had tried Premarin and had hated it, so I was a little skeptical.

On the very day I started the bio-identical hormones, I began to feel better. It was almost as if the fog had lifted. I got my first night of sleep in a year!! Over the last couple of weeks, my energy has rebounded and I have lost 3 pounds. I called your office just to tell you guys that I felt so good that I was going to hug your neck on my next visit to your office! My friends and husband have noticed a visible change in me and are commenting that they can see such a change in me. Two of my friends have already scheduled appointments with you.

Thank you so much.” B. B.

“I had an appointment with you last late summer and ended up doing saliva testing in Nov. I saw you after the results were back in mid Dec. and you started me on Solucortef 5 mg.q am.” ( adrenal insufficiency).

“It is amazing how much better I feel. I am awake again and even get to do some things some evenings. (I still do not sleep worth a flip tho-but i do at least fall asleep quickly.. I do not stay there yet.) I am not all the way there yet but much better.”

“I get to see you in March again.”

“I have been reading more and more about adrenal issues and how subtle they are for the general mainstream practitioner. The most info has been surprisingly from England and Europe. But then again .. that may not be surprising at all” 🙂

“I wanted to tell you earlier than my appointment…..thank you for hearing me,understanding and also having a plan and holistic way of addressing health issues. Docs like you are not easy to find. I appreciate you, and your work.” Lucy H.,RN

“Your services were wonderful. All the staff was friendly and helped to create a pleasant and comfortable environment. I will most certainly return and tell others about my experience.” S.S.

p.s. The visit ran smoothly and in a timely manner:)