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Nutrition and Vitamins

Are you aware that nutrition is the foundation of good health? Many of us say we are aware but continue to ignore the fact that we are to include basics like fresh fruit and vegetables and water in our daily diet . We also continue to eat fast food on a regular basis.

Even those who try to eat sensibly are often fighting an uphill battle with their busy schedules and the fact that our soil is gradually becoming more nutrient deficient resulting in less vitamins and minerals in the food that we grow.

Another little known fact is that women who are on hormones, and that includes birth control pills and menopausal hormones, require more B complex to stay in the normal range. If these levels are low, your body is unable to fully complete the metabolic processes required of it daily. Smokers require more antioxidants.

As a commitment to good health, Women’s Health at Brier Creek has vitamin testing as one of the services we provide.  The lab used for this testing isSpectracell Laboratories. There is a copay for the patient which is $85, but we feel this is a bargain as the total cost of the analysis is over $1000 (the rest is billed to insurance).  In addition, we have spent time researching vitamin brands and carry a pharmaceutical grade vitamin which is of superior quality. This vitamin is not available in drug stores.  We also have available supplements for increasing bone density as well as adrenal and neurotransmitter support.

Below are actual cases of women who were struggling with multiple problems. Vitamin testing revealed several nutritional deficiencies. Once they were addressed with the appropriate supplements, significant improvement of symptoms occurred. We feel this is an important aspect of wellness and encourage our patients to take advantage of testing and recommended therapy.

57 year old female with MULTIPLE SYMPTOMS

29 year old female with MULTIPLE SYMPTOMS

53 year old female with MENOPAUSAL SYNDROME

52 year old female with MULTIPLE SYMPTOMS