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Menopause / Bio-Identical Hormones

Menopausal women are among the fastest growing population in this country. With so much conflicting information and poor outcome in studies using traditional western synthetic hormones, many women are looking for a better way to manage these symptoms.
Bio-Identical hormonesBio-identical hormones are hormones that are molecularly identical to those that we make. Because they are the same, they react to the receptors on our cells in the exact same way reducing the incidence of troublesome side affects and negative consequences found with synthetic hormones (Women’s Health Initiative).

Dr. Allison works with compounding pharmacists to customize prescriptions for each of her patients depending on their symptoms, medical histories and personal needs. As one of the leading gynecologists in North Carolina who uses bioidentical hormones, she feels confident that she is able to minimize her patients’ hormone exposure while addressing their symptoms. She often combines testing and prescribing female hormones with thyroid, adrenals and neurotransmitters to provide complete balancing of all the hormone systems.

Menopausal Medicine: Dr. Allison offers a variety of options for women during this transition in life. Her primary focus is to provide an alternative to the traditional forms of hormone replacement therapy and diagnosis through the use of Bio-identical Hormones and Salivary Hormone Testing.

Bio-identical Hormones: An alternative to the more traditional hormone replacement therapies of Premarin and Provera. Bio-identical hormones are derived from a natural plant source and share the same molecular structure of hormones produced naturally by the body. They can also be prepared for use in a variety of ways. Other name brand hormones must be altered biochemically in order to obtain patents. Since natural hormones cannot be patented, no pharmaceutical company or individual can manufacture them, and thus, you will see no television or magazine advertisements soliciting their use.

Salivary Hormone Testing: An easier and more accurate method of determining the existing level of active hormones in the body. The advantages to the patient using this methodology are many. It provides accurate prescription through customized dosage; the avoidance of painful needles and blood sampling; the ability to test for multiple hormone levels with one sample; and the convenience of drawing samples in the privacy of the patient’s own home.